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Bring the Ghost Hunt To Your Event


Our paranormal theatre experience is a unique form of entertainment that will make for a hauntingly memorable corporate, community, or social function. Séanceologist and community theatre actor Brahm Corstanje and your guests will engage in a ghostly tale made disturbingly real through theatrical paranormal phenomena.


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The Haunted One® brand of paranormal-themed entertainment is a presentation of seemingly extrasensory powers and spirit manifestations. Direct audience participation is a key component, resulting in a personally haunting theatrical experience.


Performances are typically about 40-50 minutes long. Two themes are available. Asylum Hauntings performance is particularly suitable for audience sizes of 15 to 150, though larger audiences can be accommodated. The Séance performance is for more intimate settings of 6-12 participants.


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For a Good Cause


Performances promoted via this site are intended as a fundraising vehicle for Acting Up, a young performer's community theater organization based out of Mason, Ohio, USA; and the Lebanon Theatre Company, a community theatre based out of Lebanon, Ohio.


Pursuant to the Purpose of The Haunted One® performances, all fees paid for performances go directly to Acting Up and the Lebanon Theatre Company, and are therefore considered a tax deductible donation. However, if you would like to make a donation to either organization without booking a performance, please click the following for more information:



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